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40mm Catalog for War of 1812

Photo Code Description Price
Boxed Sets Infantry packs contain 20 figs and do not include command. Cavalry packs contain 3 figs. US Infantry packs include both felt and leather shako heads
40AMW1 US Infantry in Laced Coatee (20 figs) $60.00
40AMW2 US Infantry in Plain Coatee (20 figs) $60.00
40AMW3 US Infantry in Fatigue Jacket (20 figs) $60.00
40AMW4 Militia in Civilian Dress (20 figs) $60.00
40AMW5 Frontier Militia in Hunting Shirt (20 figs) $60.00
40AMW6 US Light Dragoons (7 figs) $60.00
40AMW7 Mounted Kentucky Volunteers (7 figs) $60.00
40AMW8 Canadian Voltigeurs $60.00
40AMW9 Glengary Light Infantry Skirmishing with Cmd (20 figs) $60.00
40AMW10 Canadian Light Dragoons (7 figs) $60.00
40AMW11 British Marines and Command (20 figs) $60.00
Not Yet Available 40AMW12 British West Indian Regt. (20 figs) $60.00
40AMW13 US Marines and Command (20 figs) $60.00
Regular Packs
40AMW101 US Rifle Regiment Skirmishing in Summer Dress (5 figs) $20.00
Command US Infantry packs include both felt and leather shako heads
40AMW201 US Infantry Command in Laced Coatee (5 figs) $20.00
40AMW202 US Infantry Command in Plain Coatee (5 figs) $20.00
40AMW203 US Infantry Command in Fatigue Jacket (5 figs) $20.00
40AMW204 US Rifle Regiment Officer and Bugle Hornist (2 figs) $10.00
40AMW205 US Light Dragoon Command (3 figs) $30.00
40AMW206 Canadian Light Dragoon Command (3 figs) $30.00
40AMW207 Mounted American Officers (2 figs) $20.00
40AMW208 British Highland Command (5 figs) $20.00
40AMW301 US Artillerists (5 figs) $20.00
Not Yet Available 40AMW302 Royal Marine Artillerists (Rocket) (5 figs) $20.00
Not Yet Available 40AMWE1 Rockets $20.00
Variant Head Packages
40AMWH1 Shako with Turban Heads (MD Uniformed Militia)(10 heads) $5.00
40AMWH2 Round Hat Heads (common for militia of both sides)(10 heads) $5.00
40AMWH3 British Highland Heads (10 heads) $5.00
Not Yet Available 40AMWH4 Freemen of Color Heads (10 heads) $5.00
40AMWH5 British Marine Heads (10 heads) $ 5.00